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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this morning. this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." m >> stay with us for "good closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning. i'm live in oakland. crews are working to clear two trainsc[js that were involved in a head-on collision. right now this station is closed. media in the crosshairs of the federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispens reese. newspapers and tv radio station could be prosecuted for running ads. we are starting off this morning with clear skies. temperatures in the 60s. ready for a warm day. good morning live shot of the golden gate bridge looking good. we will talk about amtrak delays in a few minutes. 4:30 on this thursday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas.
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developing news out of oakland. some commuter trains could be delayed by the investigation into the head-on collision of two amtrak trains in jack london square. it with was a low speed collision, still, 16 people were hurt. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: take a look behind me. crews are working to get this track cleared. they have to deal with investigators who want to get a good look at the scene no word on when this station will open. video we shot 20 minutes ago, crews pulled the two trains apart. one inbound train slammed into a stopped train at 10:00 last night. the stopped train was unloading passengers. the moving one also had people onboard. there were 16 passengers who were hurt. injuries consisted of bumps and bruises and possibly bun broken arm. passengers and witnesses say with it was an awful thing to
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hear -- to hear, see and experience. >> me and my mom were waiting for him all of a sudden we hear this big explosion. we thought it was a forklift. we were going back and forth trying to see. the conductor walked me back this way and i seen all that you rubble and seen witness a collision. i find out that my brother fell off his wheelchair rolled all the way back, got a nick on the face now these agony from his neck to his back. >> reporter: there's a shot of his brother in pain. also, a little shaken after this experience. no official word on the cause. firefighters in oakland said the moving train ran a red signal light. amtrak officials say they have no comment about that. one of the trains was knocked off the tracks. the track is now warped and
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the passenger platform was also damaged. there's a lot of with work to be done two trains involved san joaquin between bakersfield and oakland and the coast starlight which travels from l.a. to seattle. again, this station is closed. if you commute into here everyday you are not coming through today. if you have tickets contact amtrak. they will give you a refund there will be no penalty. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.0f=y we'll continue to follow that developing news. in oakland the mayor and city administrator set to name the interim chief of the police department this morning. chief anthony batts announced his resignation tuesday and says he will officially leave in early november. he says he can't manage the department with the resources he's been given. assistant chief is expected to take over, he's done it before. jordan has been in the department 23 years. he served as it rum chief in
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2009. newspapers and radio and tv stations -- tv stations are fearing they could be reluctant players in the battle over medical marijuana. the federal government is ready to punish media outlets that run ads for pot clubs. >> reporter: freedom of the press, of course. freedom of the press to advertise? maybe not. california watch has uncovered a plan by federal prosecutors to begin targeting newspapers, tv stations and radio stations that run advertisements for medical marijuana dispensaries. federal law states it is illegal for a person to place an ad for an illegal drug, including marijuana. but, the catch, medical marijuana is legal in california. california watch talked with an attorney who specializes in defending marijuana cases. he says the law is legit, but not entirely clear. sf bay guardian runs ads and
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the executive editor says he did not see this coming. >> the whole thing comes as a surprise. we've always believed that with we were following the law and this is a legal product. we feel that with all of the problems going on in the country today, why is the obama administration cracking down on medical marijuana? >> reporter: he says the paper has not decided what it will do if the u.s. attorney orders them to stop running ads. first time offense, four years in prison, double for a second offense. this targeting comes weeks after the federal government began sending letters to landlords and property owners who rent space for marijuana dispensaries. warning landlords they could be criminally liable for what their tenants are doing. we'll hear from the director of a dispens . katie marzullo, abc7 news. the city of alameda faces
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a lawsuit over a controversial memorial day drowning. raymond zack walked into the where water in an apparent suicide attempt. members of the fire department watched because they weren'tu!nñ certified in water res program was stopped in 2009. officials admit it should not have been. little solace to zack's brother. >> i was totally shocked and outraged that there was no action taken to try to rescue him. >> the findings are we had a failure of leadership. with we had a communication's failure. people were using jargon and misunderstanding each other. >> robert zack intends to sue the city. his lawyer says an independent report released to weeks ago doesn't explain why the rescue program ended though it had funding. that program has since been reinstated. the mayor of east palo alto is promising to make the city's intersections safer, including the one where a 6-year-old girl died last
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month. she was hit by a car as she walked to school. at a meeting last night city leaders acknowledged that the city has to do a better job. >> i would like to say i'm 100% confident. one never kwai knows. we are looking at all -- quite knows. we spent over 3 1/2 million dollars in the last 2 1/2 years. the district attorney is still investigating the accident. the city is waiting to hear from a traffic consultant. two state assembly men representing the bay area are teaming up to introduce legislation that could force utilities to stop using a dangerous type of plastic gas pipe. explosion and fire august 31st, destroyed a condo in cupertino. it was caused by a leaking plastic pipe.
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pg&e says it will replace the pipes at the site next month. in 1998 federal officials recommended utilities phase out or replace the pipe. assembly members say pg&e and state regulators never acted on that. their measure will require them to do it. new report says california's proposed high speed rail project could cause taxpayers more than three times the official 43 billion dollar cost estimate. a trio of bay area analysts, including an entrepreneur figures the true cost would be 138 billion dollars. the revised costs comes from new construction developments, lower than expected federal contribution and cost of borrowing the difference. former high speed rail authority board member conceded the true cost will be more than 43 billion. but says they are not
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qualified to make projections for this project. coming up on 4:39. let chess -- let's check in on the weather forecast. a surprise person. >> someone you haven't seen in a while still happy to have her here. hi leigh. >> you guys are so sweet. terrific day to be here, beach weather with us in the 80s starting off clear skies. temperatures already in the 60s, san francisco 62 napa cooler 54, clear sky in antioch 61 mountain view 62°. here's a look at our satellite, high pressure starting to build in. these are just high clouds. starting to a to the north. -- to arch to the north. 60s around the bay area by 8:00. by noon we start to trend more towards the mid to upper 70s. by 4:00 this afternoon,
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warm temperatures across much of the bay area, including the coast in the 80s to mid to upper 70s half moon bay 74° at 4:00 this afternoon. head to the beach. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast, warm friday we slowly cool down for the weekend. more about that later. we have this issue with the amtrak expect delays this morning. they have a bus in place for right now jack london square station service suspended 5:18 train has been delayed. the next train is scheduled at 5:40. we'll be watching that. once again, bus service in place between emeryville and oakland for a.m. track riders this morning. northbound 101 before chavez earlier accident now cleared out. bay bridge toll plaza light, metering lights are off. 4:40.
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>> still ahead, why -- [ inaudible ] bad for you, good for the city, the holiday parking bonanza that has turned into a moneymaker for san francisco. many restaurant diners tip 15%, even 20. but 25! why restaurant workers say they deserve a raise from us.3q
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what they mean is, it's french's french fried onions in my green bean casserole. french's french fried onions. now in the french's stay-fresh can. good thursday morning. 4:43. live look from our sutro cam. san francisco, bay bridge in the background. so far traffic is okay. leigh glaser has a nice forecast coming up. we have problems for train commuters in the east bay. amtrak collision near jack london square. sue will tell you through is affecting you. golden gate transit and ferry customers, the next time you call the information center you may get an
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automated voice. today the district's transportation committee is scheduled to vote on changes to the customer service center. the plan includes reducing hours of operation and employees. and switching to an automated voice system. the move could save three million dollars over the next decade. right now the district is facing an 89 million dollar shortfall over the next five years. san francisco has been raking in an extra $75,000 a day in parking meter fines from people parking in the city on holidays. starting last july, city parking control officers issued 72% more parking citations on labor day, veterans day, memorial day and july 4th. those four holidays used to be free and motorists are caught by surprise now. transportation officials say most businesses are open on those holidays. the only free parking days left in san francisco are thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day.
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eating out in san francisco can be a great persons. is it great enough for a 25% standard tip? the contra costa times reports there's a move to make 25% the standard tip in san francisco restaurants. not clear how it would be enforced. the restaurant norm is 15 to 20%. the irs says 15% is a good rate for workers' tax purposes. don't forget the surcharge as well. nine, nine, nine suddenly catching on. the big boost republican presidential candidate herman cain is getting from his controversial tack plan. a gunman walks into a beauty salon and opens fire -- when he stops eight are dead. the latest on the investigation. the dangerous new trend among teens involving gummi bears and alcohol. ebay's plan to make shopping for anything a snap.
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if you are traveling today here's some highs, 67 boston, st. louis 73, 80 dallas. phoenix hot there 98°. here's a look at the flight delays, no delays here locally or even southern california as you head towards the chicago o'hare airport rain is coming down. departing flight delay up to 30 minutes. also delays at laguardia airport. check out more flight delays go to 4:48. this morning investigators in southern california have identified the man they say killed eight people and critically injured another at a salon in the southern california city of seal beach. the mass shooting appears to be the deadliest in orange county history. 42-year-old scott decry has
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been arrested. friends of the owner says he was the ex-husband of a stylist who worked there and may have been involved in a custody battle. >> we knew him to be a problem with weapons and with we kind of thought this in the back of our hearts it was like this could happen. with it what was no surprise. i didn't have to ask who did it. we knew it was i had. >> police officers arrested him a half mile from yesterday's shooting rampage. he was wearing a bulletproof vest. investigators say they found a number of weapons in his truck. the first votes in the 2012 presidential race could be cast in less than two months. new hampshire may move its first in the nation primary up to december 6th if the vote were to take place today there might be a surprising victor. john hendron with the latest. >> reporter: here's a sentence no one expected to hear, the new republican front run herman cain.
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says he's more than just a flavor of the week. >> there's a difference between the flavor of the week and hag began because it -- hag den because it tastes good all the time. >> reporter: a new poll has cain leading with 27%, romney close 23% within the margin of error. cain comes with a simple plan he calls nine, nine, nine. a plan that comes with its share of controversy. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: mitt romney has focused on another rival criticizing perry's refusal to denounce a prominent supporter. >> mormonism is a cult. >> reporter: perry says he doesn't believe mormonism is a
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cult but romney suggested perry is tolerant of intolerance. >> that's the wrong direction for the country. >> reporter: as republicans fight over his , president obama is focused on jobs for the unemployed. >> i will not take no for an answer and i hope you won't either. this fight will go on. >> reporter: the president says he with will not accept the defeat the senate handed him on his jobs bill. now he says senators will have to vote on that plan, one item at a time. peninsula and san francisco congressman hoping to put an end to the debate overonline sales tax collection. she has co-authored a bill to allow the tax called the amazon tax the marketplace equity act would give states more authority to require online retailers to collect and remit, mean if they don't have a physical presence in the state. by the end of the year ebay will introduce technology to help customers track a product by taking its picture.
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yesterday ebay official announced they would add an image recognition feature to its mobile apps if you see something you like, somebody wearing shoes that look good snap a picture, upload it to ebay and the auction service will display similar items on its with website. not clear if it would work for any product. later f you see somebody on the street taking a picture of your -- of your tie or something, it is not nefarious. taking a picture of your sandals, sunglasses things you might need today. >> when you send the kids out this morning, do not forget the sunscreen, lunch box with would be good too. temperatures at the coast today, mid to upper 70s, easily 80s into those warm offshore winds for this afternoon. you can see our live shot, clear, with wonderful
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visibilities. we are mild, 63 only land. 61 in antioch , -- 62 san franciscodj, san jose clear 58°. here's some highlights a warm day today folks not only inland but at our coast as well, clear and mild overnight. as we trend into the weekend temperatures slowly begin to come down. here's our satellite, what you are seeing is a nice ridge taking place all of the clouds, storm track heading north of us all because of higher pressure that has started to bill in. you can see it right here, nice amptitude on this ridge. all of this is going to stay to the north. high to the north and lower pressure to the south, speculation around both of these is what is -- circulation around both of these is generating offshore wins that is going to translate to warm temperatures for us, hot, near 100 in
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southern california. highs today, 86 san jose, campbell 87°, saratoga 87. half moon bay 76, pacifica 72°. 80 millbrae. palo alto 84°. downtown san francisco 80, the sunset district out towards ocean beach mid 70s. north bay locations petaluma 84. sonoma 86. 8 -- 86 napa. 80s east bay locations. interior east bay warm to hot depending on how you like it 88 brentwood, 87 pittsburg as well as concord, 84 today for santa cruz. we'll do it again tomorrow, as we will look for lows tonight
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in the 50s. here's the seven-day warm day friday, slowly start to see low clouds and fog return saturday, sunday, winds trend more onshore get ready for cooler conditions then. enjoy today. we have an issue with your your amtrak commute capital corridor, a has been covering this accident. for now, a bus bridge in place, amtrak delays jack london square station, bus bridge teen emeryville and oakland. we'll be following that -- expect delays this morning. golden gate bridge nice and clear, southbound out of the waldo tunnel across the span, no delays. another look at the bay bridge toll plaza continues to be light at this hour, metering lights off, is the place to go for the latest information. 4:55. a local police department is
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warning parents about a new method that teens are using to consume alcohol. hollister police posted a warning on their facebook page about kids getting drunk by soaking gummi bears in vodka. it has gained in popularity thanks to tutorials on youtube. the booze bears are odorless and take a day or to make. many teens don't realize how much alcohol they are getting. officials say teen get drunk fast when they eat the gummi bears like they would eat normal candy. next, the latest on our developing news. more than a dozen are hurt and service disrupted still after two amtrak trains collide in oakland. we are live at the scene. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the oakland police department. could there have been more to the resignation of chief anthony batts this week? we are finding out now a report came out highly
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critical of pd leadership. dragging their feet when it come to making court ordered reforms. we'll look at a live report. >> the shake-up at the top of fremont's bankrupt solyndra. we'll tell how is out.
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